The wind was commanding the neem tree to dance. The leaves were distorted, the twigs and branches were swinging in the direction guided by the wind. The noise made by window glass was enough to disturb neighbourhood’s sleep. I turned over other side of my bed knowing it would neither stop the noise nor the windows going to shut automatically. There was no other go then to wake up to terminate those sleep disturbance. I woke up and my legs straightly landed on my subject book, a good dosage for sleepiness¬†¬† which was usually left untaken till the next morning. It became as a habit dozing out at the middle of studying and mostly it would be at the start during night. I took it and placed on the table. When I was about to go to my bed again then only I remembered why I just waken up. I moved near the window to shut it close but before that something caught my view. The shadows of our neem tree just lingering on to it. It stands still, beholding too many gossips –¬† the forbidden Home.